Where do you opt out?

Think of where you’re opting out. What are the activities you don’t usually do?

Typically those are areas of discomfort, or put another way, opportunities for growth. For me, two examples come up. One happened on Wednesday, where I entered a discussion that turned into a lesson about boxing. We weren’t actually hitting anyone, but it was a 30 minute intensive where one coach was working with just three students. I didn’t like the scrutiny of my every movement. I resisted. I wanted to leave. But I leaned into the feeling. By the end I recognized how beneficial the coaching was and that I learned a lot because of the constant feedback.

The other example was driving a tractor and moving branches with it. Another activity I would typically prefer sitting on the sidelines for, but instead I jumped in and saw it as an opportunity for growth. It was uncomfortable. I messed up a few times. But I learned.

I think that’s the lesson in all of this. There are always activities we opt out of. But if we can reframe those as opportunities to learn, we might all get better together faster.