Why your brain hates public speaking and what to do about it

Your brain is wired for survival. It’s programmed to over-emphasize negative events because they are threats. Thousands of years ago, these tendencies kept us alive. But now, these feelings prevent us from achieving our full potential. Standing in front of your class isn’t a life-threatening situation, but what your brain sees is a huge crowd of potential… Read More

The goal of creative work

I think what makes a creative pursuit so special is that it’s new and it might not work. When your livelihood is on the line, you can’t take the necessary creative risks that make it energizing. For this reason, I don’t think the goal of creative work is to make our passion projects our paid projects…. Read More

Too close to see

When I got to the bottom of my pile of laundry, I was missing two socks. I looked under the pillows, and under my blankets and even on the walk to the dryer. I checked the washer and the whole laundry room and found nothing. Then, I walked back into my room and there were… Read More

Suffering vs. Protection

Without any protection, you will inevitably suffer. People’s words will hurt you more than they should. With too much protection, you will build walls that are so high you won’t let love in. It’s a delicate balance. Too little resilience is bad, while too much is cold. Everyone has requires a different mix. Where’s your… Read More

A book that changes how you view the world

Why did homo sapiens become the dominant species? That is the fundamental question Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari seeks to answer. Don’t let the simplicity of this thesis deceive you. The book talks about much much more than how our species beat out neanderthals. My biggest learning from Sapiens was how storytelling is what separates us from other… Read More

The illusion of starting

Whenever we imagine starting something new, we build a giant ideal in our mind. If I wanted to start painting, I would think back to all the museums I’ve visited and all the masterpieces I’ve seen. At some point, I would think who the hell am I to believe I’m a painter? Compared to these works, my… Read More

A content marketing lesson from 1842

Charles Dickens came to America in 1842 enraged at how many people were making forgeries of his work. There were thousands of illegal copies of novel circulating in the US. It was expensive to purchase official copies, so most citizens had to resort to buying fakes. Dickens was not happy about all these counterfeits, and he lobbied to make… Read More

Looking for something to hate

The way the motorcyclist revs his engine and stares angrily at the rowdy college kids. He’s looking for something to dislike. The unfortunate thing is that when you look for something to dislike, you can usually find it. Our minds are always looking for confirming evidence. Knowing that, the better posture would be to look… Read More

You don’t need to learn to cook

“I need to learn to cook.” How many times have you heard someone say that? I think when people that think this are just letting themselves off the hook. What is there to learn? Apparently I know how to cook. I never learned how to cook, though. I learned how to cook pancakes. And then… Read More

My deep dive into Bo Burnham’s work

You pray so badly for heaven Knowing any day might be the day that you die But maybe life on earth could be heaven Doesn’t just the thought of it make it worth a try? -Bo Burnham From God’s Perspective We all know Bo Burnham from his hilarious musical YouTube videos. What started out as… Read More