Explorers are never lost

What are you other than an explorer? There’s no end destination in this life. It’s not a trip from point A to point B and there certainly are no maps to follow. Life is a journey with no defined boundaries or endpoint. Lewis and Clark felt lost because they were exploring a new land. You are… Read More

Planting an idea seed

This post isn’t perfect. But it doesn’t need to be. It’s just a seed. No one looks at a garden full of seeds. I’m planting it now so maybe one day it will grow into something more. A half-formed idea might catch hold and turn into a series of ideas, a long blog post, a… Read More

The Pre Postmortem

Changing behavior is hard. Whenever we seek to add a new habit, we need to think ahead about where we might fall short. Call this the pre postmortem. You write out all of the different reasons why your new habit might not stick. Say you’re trying to start writing a daily journal. There are countless reasons why… Read More

What comes after passion?

Passion is great, but it will only get you so far. Once you have at least one passion, or even a guess as to what one of your passions might be, you need discipline. You need the discipline to choose one of those passions. You’re not married to it for the rest of your life,… Read More

Twenty Thousand Passions

I believe that everyone has at least one thing they are passionate about. Today is the day where we create the environment to let those passions run free. There will be volunteers set up on the green and by Trabant hosting stations where anyone can contribute a passion. It only takes a few seconds to… Read More

Reconnecting with creativity

“Creativity is getting in touch with your own conscious” – Adam Robinson There are plenty of ideas within you, if you’re brave enough to share them. The hard part isn’t having an idea, the hard part is not self-editing. Right now there’s a huge wall of judgement that holds your ideas hostage. Tear down that… Read More

The Perfect Resume

The perfect resume doesn’t exist It’s a myth. It’s something that we strive for, yet we can never achieve it. Not because we aren’t good enough, but because it’s impossible. The problem is that someone else’s resume is always more perfect. Chasing the perfect resume is like chasing a mirage in the desert. The closer… Read More

Stop caring about “the economy”

100 years ago “the economy” didn’t exist. Yes, there was economic activity, but there was no one out there measuring how “the economy” performed this quarter. It just didn’t make sense to talk about it like that. There were jobs here and jobs there. Growing seasons were good and bad. Stocks went up and down…. Read More

Which do you put at ease? Your brain or your wallet

There are two main ways to buy things: individual items, or a subscription. We’re talking about any type of membership, or season passes. When you sessions individually, you almost always spend less money. This puts your wallet at ease. When you buy a membership, you usually overpay. But, it puts your mind at ease knowing you can… Read More

Effortless is overrated

Being effortlessly good at something isn’t as great as we make it out to be. I think it’s actually rewarding to work hard and then see our progress. For example, on my favorite episode of The Art of Charm podcast, the host talks about how he used to do very little interview preparation. He used… Read More