What if it were 10x better?

This is cool, but what if it were 10x better? If it changed ten times as many lives. If it were 10x cheaper, or 10x faster. Or if it were able to grow when you weren’t there.

The minute we stop asking that question is the minute we stop innovating. When we fall in love with our solutions, we lose the opportunity to think big.

I love Astro Teller’s idea that changing your perspective unlocks the possibilities of innovation. The easiest way to change your perspective? Think bigger. With so many people working on incremental change, to shoot for 10x better often leads to an abundance of new, albeit unrealistic, ideas.

You have to start there though, then work backwards. Even if it’s too crazy, too unproven, too strange. Try it. Build up from first principles. It’s the best chance we have at truly solving problems.