Talent is the new capital

The old school mentality said that you should get some experience, save some money and then start something of your own. Wait until you have some capital in the bank. Or, try to get an investor because you need money before you can start. That was true in the past. Before free websites, social media and on demand services, there were huge upfront costs to start anything.

But now, talent is the new capital. Forward progress, charisma and iteration spur buy-in. You don’t need any capital to meet up with five friends and come up with a new idea. You just need the daring to go out there and make it happen.

When I say “talent” I don’t mean it in the way that people do when they refer to talented athletes, or chefs. I say talent to refer to human potential matched with boldness and generosity. We’re all born with an incredible amount of human potential. Now, we just need to pair that untapped potential with the boldness and generosity that our community needs.

That is what the world needs right now. No amount of capital infusion gets people to care and connect on a human level. The capital is out there in abundance. The people with capital are just waiting for the talent to step up and say they’re committed to executing a bold vision.

Don’t worry about the capital right now. Build your talent because that’s what we’re missing.