Quitting for the right reasons

Is often the best thing you can do. Unfortunately, little exists in our society to encourage such behavior.

I thought about this question in the context of Dual School because every semester students quit the program. I’m not sure if they’re quitting for the right reasons, though. So how might one find that out?

Imagine a program that frames quitting the program as a positive, as long as it’s done correctly. “You can quit at any time as long as we have a conversation about why leaving is the best decision for you.”

I can just see how rich those conversations would be. At the end of the day, quitting is okay and as a program director, I know that there are many competing priorities in any student’s life. I would just love to use the opportunity to create a learning moment where a student expresses their own self awareness and learns the meta skill of knowing when to stop.

How else could we nurture that muscle?