John Grisham and Hybrid Entrepreneurship

John Grisham was a lawyer and a new dad, but he always thought he might have a novel in him. He started showing up to the office an hour early to write one page of his story every day. He did this for TWO YEARS until he published his first novel with a small publisher.

Then he got back to work. And that second book was The Firm which was the bestselling novel of 1991 and has now sold over 7 million copies.

It took over three years of coming to work an hour early.Throughout that time he kept his day job. Making his art before he clocked in.

Interestingly, this story is in alignment with a study from University of Wisconsin which showed that entrepreneurs who kept their day jobs when starting out, were 33% more likely to succeed than those who quit their jobs to go all in on a venture.

Don’t wait to start making your art. Right now is a fine time to start.

Story from Jeff Goins appearance on David Kadavy’s podcast