Focus on the powder

I went skiing last Saturday and I got very lucky.

On the one day I was available, Sunday River got 12 inches of fresh powder. On the first day of April! People were amazed. Regulars, who ski every weekend, said these were the best conditions all year.

One chairlift ride I sat next to a girl who couldn’t seem to see the bright side. Everything she said to her friend was focused on the negativity. She said “I should have waterproofed this jacket.” “I hope Kayli remembered to turn down the heat.” “I wish I had better powder skis.”

She said NOTHING about how amazing the day was!!

These were the best conditions all year and all she could see was the pieces that were missing. It was a little sad, but it provided a very clear lesson about appreciation and focus.

You could see the falling snow as wetness that’s going to seep through your gloves and make your hands cold. Or you could see it as an opportunity to ski in ideal conditions.

What would you focus on? The choice is always yours.