Experiment Rapidly

Post three in a series about visually representing design mindsets.

How could you test it faster?

That thing you’re building is full of assumptions. There are countless open questions and uncertainties. You could cross your fingers and hope it all goes according to plan. Or you could take matters into your own hands and starting experimenting.

But when you’re new, when you’re nimble, experimentation isn’t good enough. Rapid experimentation is the only way.

You could prototype an iPhone application by coding, designing and building a rough version of the entire app, but that would take a long time (and be expensive). On the other hand, you could draw it out on paper. Then put together mockups in Keynote. Then simulate user interactions with a Facebook group or an email newsletter.

Cheap, fast and full of insight.

The mindset of a designer is all about gathering rich information about solutions by running experiments. No matter what you are building, it’s better to experiment quickly and early.