Doing energy vs. being energy

There are two types of energy that we all embody. When we’re worried about our to-do list, at work and performing “productive” activities, we are utilizing doing energy.

When we’re taking a walk in nature, enjoying a hug with a loved one, or really tasting a delicious dinner, we’re utilizing being energy. Being energy is powerful. It’s grounding and it’s the source of many of our memorable moments.

Unfortunately, we get paid to do. We get graded on what we do. Doing is praised by society, thus we always feel the need to do more.

But if you’re only ever doing, what are you doing it all for? When are you gonna be there to enjoy it?

If you’re always trying to escape from your present circumstances, you’ll never enjoy them.

You may not feel as successful as you want to be, but it’s all a story. Success is relative. Don’t wait until you’re 70 years old and “successfully retired” to start embodying being energy. Start today. Be somewhere just for the sake of being there. It’s refreshing and it matters.