Capitalization capitalism

I heard an ad the other day and the main selling point was:

“No one is going to make fun of anything.”

Use our product, and people won’t be able to make fun of your appearance!


It was clear the ad was trying to capitalize on insecurity. On the fact that we think people are saying negative things about us behind our backs.

I’m sure it works. Everyone has their insecurities and in those feelings there’s an opportunity to sell a product that will temporally patch up the problem by spending money. It’s capitalism at work. Entrepreneurs seizing market share.

I see why it happens and I’m sure there are people making lots of money selling this service. But at the end of the day what are they selling? Sales go up when people feel more insecure. Eek. We wonder why so many young people feel like they’re not enough.

It’s a business. But it doesn’t have to be your business. Choose wisely because it matters.