Being and Seeing Caring

I just read the line: “Why did grown ups find it necessary to tease fellow citizens who actually gave a shit? from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer.

It’s not just adults, though. I see it in middle schoolers during my workshops, and college students in campus organizations. Somehow caring about things is uncool.

No one makes it obvious they have an aversion to people who care. It’s more of an unspoken tendency. The action is as subtle as taking out your phone while someone else is hard at work. Or striking up a side conversation instead of contributing to the team. Meanwhile, someone who cares pours their focus into a project started with the intention of everyone participating.

Not caring is what forces people to stick tightly to their job descriptions rather than making an exception to help a customer. Not caring is what keeps people from acknowledging the lonely person who came to the meet-up but hasn’t met anyone yet.

Next time you see someone caring, notice it. Appreciate the extra mile they went to make the experience better. Send a thank you note to the person who spent extra time helping you out.

Be caring and see caring. Those two things will make the world a better place for us all.