The World Changer’s Handbook

A Book Young People Actually Want to Read

Here’s what some readers have said about the book:

The World Changer’s Handbook is far from your ‘run of the mill’ motivational or self-help book. Zack masterfully introduces coherent and captivating concepts in every chapter, and finalizes each chapter with a quick list of concrete takeaways that call the reader to action.

All of us are capable of making changes that can improve the world in which we live. This book allows the reader to take small steps rather than becoming overwhelmed by trying to take giant steps. The enthusiasm of the book’s author, Zack Jones, is evident in every piece of advice and each action statement.

This is a quick, easy read filled with inspiring insights. It’s geared toward young people and makes a perfect high school or college graduation gift. It’s hard to believe that such a youthful writer could share so much wisdom.

The World Changers Handbook is as well written as it is inspiring. Today, I used the book to help spark creativity in the minds of 24 young men being held at Ferris Juvenile Detention Center in Wilmington, DE and I can say without a doubt that his words ignited their imaginations (as well as mine). They even requested copies of the book! If you’re an entrepreneur, change maker, thought leader, innovator, or want to figure out how you can make a difference in the world, BUY THIS BOOK! You’ll certainly be inspired to get out and do something after reading it!

My first book, The World Changer’s Handbook, is now available on Amazon! Whether your aim is to find a calling, drive social change or simply have a bigger impact on those around you, I promise this book will help.

The University of Delaware bought this book for their incoming entrepreneurship majors and they loved it. If your group is interested in making a bulk order, send me an email.

A Young Person's Guide to Creating an Impactful Life