Zack learned how to facilitate workshops at Google Headquarters and the Stanford from experts creative education. Since then, he has led hundreds of students from middle school up to college in experiential learning sessions.

Workshops are the future of learning

We KNOW that talking at an audience for an hour isn’t the best way to learn. We hope that students take good notes, and revisit the material to reinforce learning, but in a world where Google is at our finger tips, rote memorization is no longer practical. In the 21st century, action is more important than ever. Workshops give participants the time they need to play and experiment with new material.  We can give a lecture about 10 ways to become more creative, but creativity is about doing, not about thinking.

Here’s what people have to say about his sessions:

To be frank, you are one of the most encouraging and friendly human beings I have ever met. From explaining divergent and convergent thinking to adding valuable insights into our activities, you were a constant help. -Michael Chen, Delaware Youth Leadership Network Scholar


The way that everything tied together from the icebreakers to the videos to the main activities and that it ran so smoothly was very impressive. We learned so many helpful tactics as well—I’ve already used the brainstorming ideas of writing down good and bad ideas to help with papers! -Gabby Daponte, Delaware Innovation Fellow


The format of the afternoon as well as the activities worked well – especially the Rock Paper Scissors game! What an incredibly creative, yet simple, way to get students up and moving! You have a gift for connecting with young people, and I hope you find a way to continue working with them. -Margaret Shen O’Dwyer, Executive Director of Delaware Youth Leadership Network

Most popular sessions

Idea Generation (1 hour) – Is your company looking for innovation? This hour-long session will engage groups in generating dozens of new ideas on a topic of your choice.

Creative Confidence (1 hour) – Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up.” This workshop helps individuals reconnect with their inner artist. Using the power of play and sketching, participants will leave feeling more confident in their ability to communicate creative ideas.

If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop for your group, reach out to Zack.