Where should you invest?

Every day we can buy a lottery ticket. We have 24 hours in a day, and we can invest those hours however we want. Let’s simplify and just think about the one or two hours that are your most productive. The question is, what should you spend these hours doing? How you spend that 1-2 hours determines the lottery ticket you get.

For too many people, these hours are spent cramming for a test, or finishing up a project for class. But is that really the best use of your valuable time?

If you’re lucky, a teacher will give you an A and forget about it the next day. If you’re lucky, you’ll finish up the project tonight and you’ll be out at a bar tomorrow. I’d argue that investing our tickets in the teacher’s assignment isn’t worth much. Other than a superficial satisfaction, it doesn’t do much good.

But what if you spent those most valuable tickets on yourself? You could invest in your personal growth, instead of fulfilling a class requirement. Your class ends this semester, but you will be you until the end of your life. The best investment you could make is in yourself.

It’s time we stop giving our most valuable hours to people who don’t care about them. It’s time we spend our best time doing something that is truly satisfying.

Imagine the returns you could see from investing your best hour in yourself every day? That’s a valuable ticket.

The progress you would make in 10 years is orders of magnitude better than any transcript.

Invest in you. You’re worth it.