Zero to Action

What does it take to go from zero to action?

Research helps, but only to a certain extent. Talking to people gives your more information. Sending emails helps you make connections. But at some point you need to put a stake in the ground and say “This is the thing I’m making.”

Not “This is what I might do.” Not “What if I did this?” It’s an affirmative statement of my name is ___ and I’m doing ___.

There’s a chasm between research and action. It’s hard to cross that chasm, but once you do, you’re blessed with the gift of momentum.

What it takes to get across the chasm is daring. Risk-taking. Boldness. The acknowledgment that it might not work. People might not care. You might look like a fool. But on the other end, you will have learned a lot. Then, next time you’re ready to leap, it will be just a little easier.