Write down your fears

The second you write down what’s scaring you, you’re one step closer to overcoming those challenges.

I know because I experienced this way just a couple days ago. I felt like there were a million tasks and responsibilities floating around in my head. I couldn’t imagine ever getting them all done and my stress levels were building.

Until I wrote it down. For a minute I looked at the list and felt even more overwhelmed. But then the fear started to melt away as I prioritized and asked tough questions like “when do I really need to finish this by?” and “what’s a small step I can take to accomplish 80% or this task?”

Some of the worries were out of my control. By writing them down, I got tasks out of my head and said goodbye to them. For those tasks that were in my control, I took baby steps. Little tiny hops toward progress. None of them were solved in a day, but they’re closer now and that’s all we can ask for.