Winning is sleeping better

In the end, winning is sleeping better. -Jodi Foster

Isn’t this true? We work hard so we can support our family, so we can have enough money to sleep better. Everything we do should be helping us sleep better at night. Sleeping well means being fulfilled with your day and having a nice place to lay down. So why are we taking on responsibilities that ruin our ability to sleep through the night? Why are we answering email at 11:30pm and again at 5am? Why do we say goodnight to twitter and open it right back up six hours later. These things don’t help us rest.

In 2017, let’s look for ways to sleep better. Maybe it means paying a couple extra dollars for a service so you don’t have to worry. Maybe it’s making sure we exercise so our body is ready to rest. Maybe it’s stopping caffeine consumption after a certain time of day, like 3pm. (The half-life of caffeine is 5-6 hours, so that half of that caffeine from 5pm is still keeping you up when you want to sleep at 11pm.)

Don’t subscribe to the fallacy that you will sacrifice sleep now, and make up for it later. Getting a full night’s sleep will keep you mentally sharper every single day. You will be more empathetic, more creative and more focused. Your sleep is sacred. Make the proper space so you can get the hours you need.

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