“What if I don’t make an impact?”

Such an interesting question, because to some extent, it’s not your decision. But, at the same time, it’s completely dictated by your behavior.

I posit that with the right posture, and enough courage, you can always have an impact.

To understand that statement, we have to first peel back some layers of what impact means and what progress looks like.

Progress isn’t an app, or a website or a widget. Those things can help, but they aren’t the thing. The way to ensure your project is impactful is to SEE someone.

To really look a human in the eyes and find out what they need. Not what they say they need or what would be cool to have. But to really understand who they are.

Just by showing up in such a way that you’re ready to see someone, you will make the impact. They will feel it. Who cares if you build the app or launch the website? Just by having the conversation you’ve won the battle.

Seeing a human is the change. The rest will follow if you have the courage.