Twenty Thousand Passions

I believe that everyone has at least one thing they are passionate about. Today is the day where we create the environment to let those passions run free.

There will be volunteers set up on the green and by Trabant hosting stations where anyone can contribute a passion. It only takes a few seconds to write on a sticky note and put it on our board. While this is a simple act, it means so much.

Seeing a board full of passion gives me belief and I hope that other students feel the same way.

Everyone has a passion and the first step in forging a better path is recognizing that feeling. A passion is something that lights you up. Something that gives you energy.

It doesn’t have to be profound. It all starts somewhere. A passion for tater tots could turn into side job as a caterer. A passion for the environment might lead you to inspire the next great scientist.

We all have passion inside of us. Let’s celebrate it today.