The Workshop Manifesto

It’s becoming more evident every day that education isn’t preparing us for the future. I’ve been lucky enough to work with folks at Stanford through the University Innovation Fellows program to learn a better way to facilitate learning.

This new model is about harnessing the power of experiential learning to work with people instead of talking at them. This is for students, educators, leaders and parents to better understand a new way of learning.

In this first draft of my ebook, The Workshop Manifesto, I cover everything from the problem with lectures, to the structure of a good workshop and my favorite activities. I’ve even included a full run-down of my go-to workshop free for you to use!

I want this message to spread. There is a better way to teach people and we need to start using it! This ebook is far from refined, but I wanted to share it now in it’s rawest form, as a draft, because I believe the essential information can still shine through. Please forgive any grammatical errors or weird formatting issues and start using this info to change the world.