The Palace of Should

When you’re new, you hear about something “should” do. You’re not quite sure why, but it sounds like a good idea.

Soon enough, another should pops. And another. And another.

Now, the shoulds are layering on top of each other. Since you’re doing this thing, you should talk this way, and act that way. They’ve invaded all the nooks and crannies possible.

Whether it’s an unnecessary Twitter account, or the tendency to not be vulnerable, shoulds come in all shapes and sizes. Suggestions to try them come subtly and overtly.

But no matter where they come from, the end result is that our businesses and our lives are complex, interconnected structures that aren’t actually based on reality. They’re based on shoulds. We’ve constructed a palace of them, and now it’s our job to maintain consistency and protect that palace with our sanity.

What happens when we forget about the palace and just be? Not the way we “should” be. But the way that feels best.