The Experts Fallacy

You don’t need to be an expert to help other people.

Imagine you’re playing a video game with 100 levels. You might be at level 13 right now. When you look around, you see experts that are at high levels. They’re “qualified.” Way more “qualified” than you are at playing this game.

But when there’s someone stuck at level 5, who is more qualified to help them? The “expert” who completed level 5 more than thirty years ago? Or you, who completed level 5 a few weeks ago?

I’d say you’re much more qualified than the expert in this situation. The information is fresher in your mind and you have a better understanding of the student’s mindset, just to name a few advantages.

Even though you’ve only completed a few levels, there are still countless beginners that could use your help.

The “game” in this metaphor could be anything. It could be social media marketing, wilderness safety or basketball. You might not have any credentials. You might not be an “expert” by industry standards. But you can still help someone.

Lend a helping hand. Even if you’re not at the top of the ladder, you might pull someone up high enough to give them a new perspective.