The empowerment of learning

When we set out to make our own t-shirts, people told us it was going to be hard.

We might waste money. We might ruin screens. It might look bad.

But, we tried anyways. We bought a few supplies online and watched a LOT of YouTube videos. After hours of watching random people on the internet explain screen printing, and some trial and error, we did it. Along the way we learned a LOT about chemistry, design, physics and more.

Putting the Dual School logo on a t shirt was one of the most empowering things I’ve done in the past few months. In retrospect, it probably took 6 hours between learning and taking action.

Coincidentally, a school day is about 6 hours long. There are 180 of them in a year and 4 of them in grades 9-12. I couldn’t remember a day of high school where I walked away feeling like I learned so much as I did in our 6 hour screen printing sprint. And I certainly don’t remember a day where I felt so empowered to create and express myself.

What could we do together to help more young people feel the sense of wonder that learning can bring?