Silly sales

Tis the season of sales and unnecessary purchases. But as we proceed into tempting 40% off deals and buy one get one frees, let’s think a little more deliberately about the point of all this.

An item that costs $150 and is on sale for $120 is a good deal. But is the item worth $120? Is it worth $150? Is it really worth $200+?

Instead of determining value based on the percentage sale, determine value for yourself. Don’t let a retailer make a giant sign that changes your mind.

Before you make an impulse buy, think about the true worth of an item.

If a pair of shoes is worth $100 to you, and they normally cost $80 and they’re on sale for $60, what do you do?

Well, if you want them right now and they’re worth $100 to you, buy them! But if you don’t want them or need them right now, then wait. Wait until you do need them because it’ll still be worth it even if they’re not on sale.

Decide on value for yourself. Start with how much an item is worth, not how much it’s on sale for. The power is in your hands.