Short cycles

Why should you launch quickly? There are plenty of reasons, but the biggest one might be to build the necessary momentum to keep going.

A long planning cycle may improve the final product, but at the expense of valuable feedback and dwindling motivation. If you’re a seasoned professional getting paid to show up to work every day, a steady paycheck may be all the motivation you need. But if you’re 17 years old, and you’re working on your first passion project amidst several AP classes, your first job and a sports team, motivation might be scarce.

You could spend two months planning, then launch. But the odds of something throwing you off course in those two months are high. On the other hand, you could spend two weeks planning and launch at 50%. Your launch will undoubtedly bring new motivation, great insight and the most valuable asset of all: momentum.

Then, two weeks later you’ll launch again. And you’ll repeat this process, slowly building momentum, trust, credibility and impact. As long as you can put your ego aside and launch before it’s perfect, you’ll hop on a faster road to progress.