Revolutionizing education

Workshop style learning could revolutionize education.

My tendency is to stay small, not kick up too much dust and keep quiet. But it’s reasonable to say that my mission is to transform education through workshop learning. It sounds grandiose, but it’s entirely possible that we can do it.

I’m starting to believe more and more in the power of this model. I just facilitated a workshop for high school students to map out problems, brainstorm solutions and start taking action. You could tell that they don’t get the opportunity to work on something that personally matters to them every day. Most people don’t. It was a special two hours seeing kids deep in thought trying to solve some of the most wicked problems affecting our country today.

Access to quality schooling, discrimination in the hiring process, police violence and the underserved deaf population in America were all topics the students chose to work on. Throughout the session, we asked tough questions to get to the root causes of these problems, brainstormed big ideas to solve them, and thought through how we could start small to affect change.

The kids got a taste of the empowering nature of entrepreneurship. All because the workshop allowed for personal action and live learning.

The vision gets bigger every day. Let’s change the world for the better.