Where to put the fear

There is no eliminating fear.

There is a way to learn how to dance with it.

To know where to put it.

Seth Godin talks about the marathon runner who finishes the race.

No one at the finish line asks “did you get tired?”

Of course they got tired!

Everyone gets tired.

The people who finish the race just know where to put the tired.

The people who publish books, who write poetry, who make art are all scared.

Scared of criticism, of rejection of humiliation.

They just know where to put the fear.

Doing and sharing

Before sharing, you must first do something worth sharing.

In order to share, you must temporarily stop doing to consider how your doing will look when it’s shared.

If you never stop doing, you will never share.

There’s a fine balance between doing and sharing that requires careful examination. Some companies, brands, people lean too far on the sharing side, and need to focus first and making something remarkable. Others focus too much on the doing side and need to step back to do some sharing.

Where do you fall o the spectrum?

What to do

The solution to someone not knowing what to do is not telling them what to do.

It’s helping them figure it out.

It’s the difference between a compass and a map. A map only works for places people have been before. A compass is a guide into the unknown.

Teach people to use a compass and set their north star.

Team productivity

The solo worker produces 1x worth of work.

When we think about hiring, we often assume the next employee would double the output to 2x. But that’s typically not true because a new variable is introduced: coordination.

The team members must communicate and coordinate to stay on the same page. This might bring productivity down to 1.8x.

A third worker would again increase productivity, but not a full worker’s worth. Total productivity might only increase to 2.6x.

So why do it?

One answer is specialization.

If worker 1 and 2 can split up tasks based on their skills each person could be more productive. In these cases you get a 1+1=3 situation.

Rather than interfere with each other, how might team members amplify each other?

Choosing games

Some games have no winners.

Other games are winner take all.

More still have no entrants and a glorious bounty.

Before you focus on winning, make sure you’ve chosen the right game.

Or And

There are few habits more powerful than turning “ORs” into “ANDs.”

Having time to fail

Great organizations, ideas, and programs exist because they had time to fail.

Sometimes the leaders failed elsewhere dozens of times before starting this new organization. Other times the team had enough runway that they should fail a few times before crunch time.

Either way, no one is going to get it right the first time. You need time to iterate, time to improve and time to fail.

That means that the deadline can’t be the deadline. Small steps are the only way to conquer a big goal. Ship sooner. Don’t build one prototype in a month. Build one prototype every week so by the end of the month you’ve failed enough to succeed.


You don’t need structure

You need to learn to build structure


Sometimes 1+1=3

With the right co-teacher, co-facilitator, co-partner, it does

And it’s better for everyone

The students

The leaders

The world

Find your co

A mantra for work that matters

Today is a big day. We need everyone’s best. It is everyone’s job to make our work environment professional, productive and safe for everyone.

Set a strong example, set high goals for your groups and establish a vision for this work.

We desperately need these projects to become a reality. There needs to be much more urgency in the room. It’s on all of us to establish that feeling.

It’s unacceptable for someone to say they are “done” until we’ve made the change we seek to make.

Let’s turn downtime into time for learning and action. Let’s show people that they can truly make an impact by prototyping and sharing their work with the community. Let’s raise the bar and leap higher than we thought was possible.

Let’s make it happen.