How to Write a Book in College

Writing a book is no easy feat, but it’s more accessible than you think For many people, writing a book is a neglected bucket list item. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While more and more social media platforms compete for our attention every day, revenue from the book publishing industry exceeds $110 billion… Read More

Entrepreneur isn’t a title

Someone once told me, “You’re never an aspiring entrepreneur. When you want to become an entrepreneur, you are one.”  You might not be a good one. You might not have any experience. But entrepreneur isn’t a title. It’s an attitude.

Seeing clearer or looking more?

When you’re not sure what to do next, you have a couple options. You can think more, do more research and ask for advice. These are all ways to gather more information. The other option is to take a step back so you may see clearer. Here’s an example: If you’re aiming at a target, but… Read More

Little lessons from big instruction manuals

When I installed my new microwave, I got a thick packet of instructions. The first line of the booklet says “READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.” Followed by 25 pages of text. Really? I understand why they do this. It’s all in the manual so it’s not the company’s fault if something goes wrong. But there is nothing… Read More

Seeing the ball go in the basket

“Sometimes you have to see the ball go in the basket.” I used this phrase a lot in basketball. There are times when it feels like you can’t make any shots. No matter how open you are, the ball won’t go in. You keep missing and your confidence goes down and down. Until you see… Read More

Why every hour that passes is like having a drink of alcohol

Every hour after you wake up is like having a drink of alcohol. At the beginning, you’re totally sober. Your thought process is clear. After a drink, you feel fine. It’s 10am, work is still going smoothly. Two drinks = 11am, you’re still good. Focus is pretty good and you’re getting work done. Your third… Read More

When I’m 100

“When I’m 100 I’ll be able to lift car!” -A three year old My girlfriend is a teacher and she hears funny quotes all day. This one was hilarious, but also quite profound. To me, this says a lot about our tendency to view progress as linear. When you’re 3 years old and growing quickly,… Read More

It doesn’t take much

I don’t think it takes much. Just one hour of raging creativity could make your day feel complete. The same way that one hour of exercise is all you need each day. When we think about finding our passion, we think about what we would love to do 10 hours each day. But in reality,… Read More

Flipping the switch on learning

Someone couldn’t think of the term “specific heat” the other day. I, on the other hand, will never forget the term and what it means because of a video I saw when I was 17. The video was of a man who put molten metal on his tongue. And nothing happened. Because by the time… Read More

A Disengaged Audience

An audience is never wrong in feeling disengaged. You can’t argue with their state of being. Here some solutions to the problem of a crowd not wanting to hear your message: You needs to be better. Tell better stories, speak with more emotion, make it more relatable. You need to set better expectations. Let people know they’re… Read More