Everything starts with caring

If you want to do anything meaningful you have to start with caring about something outside yourself. Maybe it’s empowering teens, feeding the hungry or making healthcare accessible to all. The only reason to start a startup, a non-profit, or any organization, is because you care deeply about the people you’re serving. It’s too difficult to do… Read More

Technology won’t save us

Newsflash: That small technological advancement doesn’t matter! A more convenient email application isn’t going to help satisfy our need for human connection. We need to stop waiting for the next app, because it isn’t going to change our fundamental needs. Happiness isn’t tied to your productivity. Deep satisfaction is about the relationships we have. Technology won’t change that. It’s… Read More

Do you have intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?

Over the past week I’ve been fascinated by this idea of intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. As we look to the future of University Innovation Fellows cohorts here at UD, we need people with an intrinsic motivation to make our campus more entrepreneurial. Sadly, intrinsic motivation is even harder to find than I thought. I started looking… Read More

The Workshop Manifesto

It’s becoming more evident every day that education isn’t preparing us for the future. I’ve been lucky enough to work with folks at Stanford through the University Innovation Fellows program to learn a better way to facilitate learning. This new model is about harnessing the power of experiential learning to work with people instead of talking at… Read More

Feeling Heard

If the other person doesn’t feel heard, and understood, then you’re wasting your words by giving them all the facts. Dialogue can only happen when we acknowledge our common goals, and think together about how to accomplish them. Most situations aren’t zero-sum. There’s ample room for cooperation even if it doesn’t feel natural. The dichotomy… Read More

When we’re at our best

Life is hard. Every day you have to show up, take care of yourself and work. It can be exhausting to think about this endless cycle. The only thing that makes it better is the fact that we can be there for each other. We are at our best when we show people they’re not alone.

Simplicity, Complexity and a Return to Simplicity

Everywhere I look there is a recurring theme of simplicity, complexity and then a return to simplicity. This might sound boring, but after reading this, you will begin to see it everywhere. I’m not sure what it means, but let’s explore together. I was first introduced to this notion by Adam Robinson on his episode… Read More

You Have a Choice

The goal isn’t to convince someone to follow your path. That’s self-serving reassurance. That’s not the kind of place that good advice comes from. Good advice comes from showing people they have a choice. A choice to be healthier, feel better, give back, be happier, make change, improve the world. You don’t HAVE to do… Read More

The Other

Whenever you view a group as “the others,” you’ve already lost. The answer is never them or us. It’s always about the common ground where it’s “we.” Unfortunately, division is easy. There are a thousand reasons why someone is different. It’s harder to see is that there are two thousand ways in which we’re alike. It’s… Read More

Bridging the gap

The more you write, the more you learn to translate ideas into words. Most people are convincing speakers, but their arguments don’t translate well to paper. We write every day to ensure that we can bridge this gap. Between ideas and words. Fleeting conversations and lasting text. Ignorance and knowledge.