Workout vs. Crossfit

If crossfit didn’t have a name, people wouldn’t care. If someone had to tell their friend “hey do you want to go to this workout where you blah blah blah..” they wouldn’t listen. But if you say “do you want to go to crossfit?” Then we can talk. The name carries weight even before it… Read More

The pizza problem

If you wanted someone to believe something, why would you just tell them? When you need to convince someone your pizza is the best in the world, you bring them a slice. You let them taste it. No matter how good your powerpoint is about your 12 step pizza process, they won’t believe it till… Read More

The seed of passion

The advice “do something you’re passionate about” has been repeated in graduation speeches across the country. But when we start with passion, we’re leaving out the first part of the process. Passion starts with caring. Without caring, there can be no passion. If you don’t care about something, you can’t develop a true passion. “What’s… Read More

Risk, performance and satisfaction

risk + performance outcome = satisfaction with project I’m beginning to realize how important it is to have butterflies in your stomach before you launch a new project. For example, I’ve given dozens of workshops in the past year and the ones I’ve been most satisfied with are the ones in which I felt a little… Read More

Sense of urgency

It feels like now is an urgent moment to change ____. Fill in the blank and maybe that’s your calling.

Generosity is the cure

I can’t drop this idea of generosity being an antidote to fear. There’s no avoiding fear whenever making something new. In fact, if you’re not a little scared before you launch, you probably haven’t taken enough risk. The problem isn’t the fear, it’s how we handle it. The best way I’ve found to handle the… Read More

Who do you want to please?

The other night I someone that I had written a book, and he replied, “What does someone your age know enough about to write a book?” He was joking, but I knew some part of him believed that to be a valid question. His skepticism is fair, but in my mind, “being an expert,” “knowing… Read More


I’m going offline for the weekend. I’ll be in upstate New York on a retreat for student entrepreneurship club leaders hosted by Startup Island. I couldn’t be more excited to be in nature and spending time with like-minded people. We all need time away from our technology. Give yourself a break this Saturday. Unplug, step… Read More

The biggest competitive advantage

It’s caring. Caring is the greatest competitive advantage. If you’re not winning on that dimension, you might need to reconsider.

Maybe don’t hustle so hard

The startup community preaches hustle. The only way to be successful is to work more. Start working at 8am and go all night because that shows that you’re hustling. I think there are a lot of low quality hours in that day. All that hustling is diluting the hard work. It’s taking away focus from… Read More