The oddity of a human experience

It’s odd that we live such a populated existence that we fail to acknowledge the majority of humans we encounter in a given day. After walking by so many people and actively refusing to look at them, I had to question my habits. Why is that acknowledging a stranger is weird? We’re all human, after… Read More

Where should you invest?

Every day we can buy a lottery ticket. We have 24 hours in a day, and we can invest those hours however we want. Let’s simplify and just think about the one or two hours that are your most productive. The question is, what should you spend these hours doing? How you spend that 1-2 hours determines… Read More

Whether or not it empowers us

“In 1620 Francis Bacon published a scientific manifesto titled The New Instrument. In it he argued that “knowledge is power.” The test of “knowledge” is not whether it is true, but whether it empowers us.” This excerpt from Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari really jumped out at me. What is the point of knowing if… Read More

Becoming more creative is all about understanding this one principle

You need to have more ideas bad before you can have more good ideas. That’s it. If you feel like you’re not creative, it’s simply because you’re afraid of having bad ideas. There’s no such thing as creative and not creative people. There are just some people who are willing to have bad ideas and some… Read More

Why waiting in lines isn’t the worst thing

I went to New York City this weekend and I stood in a lot of lines. Some lines were to expected, like waiting to get on the ferry to Ellis Island. But other lines were of a different variety. I waited in a 30 minute line at 11 o’clock at night for a sit down… Read More

The promise

The most important part of a business isn’t the idea, or the market. It’s the promise you have to make. The promise to care about the problem more than your ego. The promise to show up every day for three years before you expect anything in return. The promise to start without permission and to… Read More

Picking the right line

Fresh powder is the best thing any skier can wish for. Getting the first tracks through new snow is a heavenly experience that we all dream about. As a powder day goes on and thousands of blades push the snow around a curious pattern forms. There are mounds of snow all over the slope. These… Read More

Being of value

You want to be someone who is good to know. There are two common ways of being this person that everyone “should meet.” The first is the more common route: you’re in a position of power. Examples of this would be the founder of a startup, the director of an organization the VP at a… Read More

A Quick Bitcoin Primer

In honor of the workshop I’m giving today at the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit about bitcoin and because it’s important, here’s a quick intro to what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency.  Decentralized means there are no banks, governments or central parties involved.  Digital means over the internet, not physical.  Currency means it’s worth something and can… Read More

What can never be automated

Robots and AI can do a lot of things, but they can’t make people feel like they belong. They can’t make an emotional difference in someone’s life. That cannot be automated. That is your job.