Challenging a big assumption

I want to challenge the assumption that we need to change everything in order to make school work for the future. We don’t have the time to tear down the system and reinvent it from the ground up. The problem is too urgent. We need a solution that can start working tomorrow. I think I have one,… Read More

A primer on designing workshops

I’m not a captivating speaker. I tried holding entrepreneurship club meetings where I gave a talk about what a minimum viable is, and how to start blogging. But I would look into the crowd and see people dozing off looking at their phones. They sat in lectures all day. They didn’t want another one at… Read More

Reid Hoffman’s advice on ideas

People often think what’s unique is their idea. Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and legendary venture capitalist would beg to differ. He says your unique asset is that you’re in motion on the idea. What sets you apart is that you care enough to do something. What follows is that you should tell people about… Read More

Waiting for permission

Sometimes you just need permission to change. Permission to take a risk. Permission to try something that might not work. More information is not the answer. We’re not being held back by how little we know. We’re being held back because we haven’t given ourselves permission to go forward. Many people know that perfectionism is… Read More

Empathy Machines

Virtual reality has the potential to increase our ability to empathize with people in other situations. We could put on a pair of goggles and see what it’s like to live in their world. But like any new technology, it will probably be used mostly for video gaming at first. There’s a clear business model behind making… Read More

Shiny Objects

There are more shiny objects than ever. That unwatched snapchat story, the twitter notification, your crammed inbox. They’re all just sitting on your phone, trying to get your attention. The same goes for ideas. There are thousands of ideas floating around. A lot of them are good ones, too. But that doesn’t mean you should… Read More

Test Driving

When you want to buy a new car, you can test drive some before you make a decision. You can ride the bicycle around the block. You can try a taste of the beer before you order a pint. What about when you want to buy something else? You can lay on the mattress in… Read More

Great Uncle Allen

My Great uncle Allen loved the outdoors. His job was climbing telephone poles and making the necessary repairs. Eventually he got promoted to a managerial role. He worked a desk job, making more money than before. But he was miserable! The implication was that a management job was better than being outdoors working in the… Read More

Solving for the unknowns

It’s not about how much you know or don’t know. It’s about the path you can take to start solving for those unknowns. You might not have any idea what you want to do with your life. That’s okay. No one really does. The important thing is that you have a path to start figuring… Read More

Why we write

To some people, writing is an art form. They weave a narrative using beautiful language. To others it’s a way of expressing pent up feelings. To me, writing is a form of teaching. It allows me to publish an idea that can help people. It doesn’t matter what your reason is. Really, you don’t even… Read More