A new definition of success

Success = honoring and maximizing the humanity in every person you meet. What if that were our definition of success? I think that would change people’s minds for the better. I think it would empower more people and I think it would make our world a better place. What good is it to be rich… Read More


Whenever you’re doing something new, you won’t be able to get any reassurance. No one can tell you that you’re on the right track, because there is no track. You’re making the track and we can’t see it until you’ve built it. When  Matt Criscuolo and I ran Skip the Small Talk: A Networking Event… Read More

The problem with self judgment

Have you ever walked away from a conversation replaying everything you said in your mind? I do it all the time. I leave nervous that I said something weird and left the other person feeling uncomfortable. I play the words back and think of better ways to make my points. It’s easy to believe this is a healthy behavior… Read More

How to know when you can disregard advice

Don’t take advice from someone if you wouldn’t want to switch places with them This is intuitive, BUT the more you pay attention to it, the more you realize that most people who give you advice are not the people you want to become. This causes you to think hard about who you want to… Read More

Doing energy vs. being energy

There are two types of energy that we all embody. When we’re worried about our to-do list, at work and performing “productive” activities, we are utilizing doing energy. When we’re taking a walk in nature, enjoying a hug with a loved one, or really tasting a delicious dinner, we’re utilizing being energy. Being energy is powerful…. Read More

I’m not in charge of that

Today I needed to set up an electric account with the local power company. I googled the name and clicked the phone icon. A lady picked up and urgently asked if I was having a gas emergency. I replied “no” and explained the reason for my call. She quickly rattled off the number for another… Read More


If life is like a ferris wheel, nirvana is getting off the ride. It’s really tempting to keep going up. And it’s a bummer when you always come back down. The only way to stop the process is to take a step back and watch it from afar.

Caring is the hard part

You can read all kinds of self help and personal development stuff. Every article sounds like it’s going revolutionize your life. They promise to give you the ONE SECRET to a life full of happiness. There are some good tips on there, but be careful spending too much time reading about shortcuts. Knowing a trick or… Read More

One ounce of hope

There are plenty of reasons why now is the wrong time to try anything new. The good news is you only need one tiny ounce of hope to overcome a mountain of doubt and start.

Refinding the beginner’s mindset

The longer you’ve been doing something the further you get away from the beginner’s mindset. When you’re a senior in college, it’s hard to remember what it felt like being a freshman. You can still do it, but not as well as you could have a few years before. If being a few years removed from freshmen… Read More