Missing the train

You can’t miss a train that never leaves the station.

We create organizations around a shared purpose, then we meet every month to discuss. Excitement peaks when the group forms, then as the months go on, attendance drops and the group disbands. It happens all the time. Well intentioned people trying to do good in the world, yet their initiatives dwindle.

Why is that?

It’s because they build trains that never leave the station! When the same meeting happens every month and no action is taken, why would anyone want to jump on board?

Progress creates urgency. If your group took a leap every month and prototyped a new idea, people would take notice. The forward motion would attract new members and energize older members. Your train would start leaving the station and people will start hopping along.

But when we sit in a room talking about change, it’s no mystery why there’s no enthusiasm. Change takes energy.

So take a leap. Push an idea forward and start making progress. Inertia is powerful. Get in motion and use it to your advantage.