Mandatory newsletters

What if everyone participating in a class had a newsletter? Each week the assignment was to write about what you’ve learned. To draw parallels between current events and your work. To reflect on what’s happened in the past week.

Everyone in the class would subscribe to everyone else’s newsletter. It could grow to friends, family and other community supporters. People would stay up to date in an authentic and accountable way.

You could grow a following so you launch to a captive audience when your project is finally ready to go public. There are countless upsides to the mandatory newsletter. The only downside is the hard work it takes to show up every week and write it. But even the work has the upside of getting your reps in and creating a practice.┬áNot to mention how it’s worth it when you get an email back saying “Thanks for sharing. I never thought of it that way.” or “I love reading your updates every week.”

Besides, connection is invaluable in today’s economy and a newsletter might be the perfect solution to the overly curated world of social media. I’m exploring this idea and you might see it in action one day.