Making Space for Amazing Moments (talk at Google)

When I went to California in March of 2018 I had the honor of speaking at Google in front of 300 students from around the world. These students are making change at their universities to improve their innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. As campus leaders, many of these students host events to teach, connect and engage. Every event is a magical opportunity, yet we so often find ourselves awkwardly exchanging business cards or yawning through irrelevant speeches.

That’s why Matt and I created this talk. To help event designers everywhere think about how to make room for special moments.

We outline a few experimental events we’ve run in the past year. Events like Book in a Day, Networking Event for Introverts and Rogue 20k Passions. Then we dig into what made them so special, and how you can leave room for magic in your events. I hope it’s helpful: Making Space for Amazing Moments