Lofty Promises

There’s nothing more valuable than delivering on a lofty promise

A promise is all your business is anyways, right?

Here some promises:

If you pay us $6 we’ll give you a good hamburger.

If you pay us $12 we’ll give you a good hamburger, a table, a glass of water and a place to sit for an hour.

If you pay us $20, we’ll give you the best hamburger of your life, a white tablecloth, a nice place to sit and a complimentary cup of sorbet.

They’re all promises. One of them much loftier than others. One of them you’re much more likely to tell your friends. Your friends will go get that burger. They’ll post on social media so their friends go, too. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

Virality is the reward you get forĀ of delivering on a lofty promise.