Lifelong Learning

When you think about it, lifelong learning is the only survival strategy.

Yet, companies, non profits, and state agencies are always looking for employees who will embody this mindset.

Why is it so rare?

Shouldn’t lifelong learning be natural? Just like creativity, curiosity, empathy and love were all natural to us at one point in our lives.

The time where lifelong learning becomes unnatural is around the time when learning becomes thought of as work.

If learning means you’re sitting in a chair, taking notes and remembering information, yes, learning is work! Exhausting work that NO ONE wants to do for 6 hours in a day.

But that’s not the only form of learning. Learning happens at recess, in the hallways, at home, on the basketball court, in the woods and everywhere in between. The tricky part is, the learning that happens when you’re having fun doesn’t even feel like learning. So we undervalue it. We say that learning is hard work and it happens at school and if you want to succeed in life, this is what you have to do.

What if instead of insisting upon a certain type of learning, we found everyone’s flow? The things they could enjoy doing for hours. Then, we built from there. Incorporating the mindset of lifelong learning in a natural, approachable and irresistible way.