Leveraging your situation

Tim Ferriss was working a brutal startup job in Silicon Valley when he decided to scratch his own itch. He was spending around $600 every month on nutritional supplements and he knew that there several other guys doing the same. He was buying a wide variety of supplements so he could mix them together and create the perfect cocktail to fit all of his cognitive needs.

His plan was to develop a supplement that encompassed all his needs, but he needed money to hire a scientist and to make a production run. Before he left his job, he told other workers what he was making and asked for a down payment. He took this money to hire the scientist and make his first batch. It sold well and the business only grew from there.

Tim was uniquely suited to tackle this problem, and he had the proper leverage to make it happen. He had been hacking together his own solution for a long time, he had a background in chemistry and most importantly, he had easy access to loads of potential customers. That trifecta made Tim the man for the job.

How do your skills position you perfectly to solve a problem?

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