Job titles suck

I’m not talking about having them, but more what comes before that.

Inbound marketer might mean that you’re out and about, vtalking to lots of clients, listening to their stories and writing copy 20% of your time. Or it could mean that 90% of your day is spent in front of a screen writing translating ideas into blog posts.

Those are two jobs for different people. I’d be interested in the first and shy away from the second. Though I have many friends who would do the opposite.

The point is to realize how a job title doesn’t say much about what type of person fits in a role. As we force the next generation to specialize faster and faster, they are already thinking about “what do I want to be.” They have ideas like doctor, teacher, and investment banker.

Those are great ideas, but how many students know how those roles will match up with what truly activates them? Usually we don’t answer that question until it’s too late. Until we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education just to find that the job title we’ve been aiming at wasn’t the one that activates us.

So how might we move past the shallow disease of job titles toward a system that helps students find more purpose?