It never feels like enough time

“Come up with 15 ideas in 3 minutes” is a challenge I put out to groups frequently. It’s often met with a look of horror. “15?!?” people shout, not believing such a thing to be possible.

To which I reply, “I didn’t say they have to be good ideas.”

The essence of the divergent mindset is not filtering yourself. The ticking clock is motivation to keep moving.

In the same way, the essence of the design process is doing the best you can with the limited time you have. The ticking clock is an indication that it’s time to ship something real. On your first trip around the block, a design “sprint” will feel like it’s not enough time. It’s true. It’s not.

But, we could use the same challenge and one year wouldn’t be enough time. Better to ship ten times in a year than once.

It never feels like enough time. Try it anyways.