Integrative mindset

Post nine in a series about visualizing design mindsets.

An integrative mindset strives to marry two seemingly opposed goals into one solution.

For example, AltSchool’s goal is to deliver personalized education at scale. Personalization usually takes a lot of manpower, whereas scale makes it unreasonable to personalize. Using artificial intelligence they are able to integrate the two goals into one solution: a platform that learns student preferences and skill level to deliver the perfect next task.

In a less technical example, imagine you run a program to help young people become better public speakers. You have an upcoming presentation to important stakeholders. An integrative mindset might encourage you to have the students present so that they get valuable practice AND so you can prove your point in a tangible way.

Designers are always looking for win-win scenarios. Ask the question, How might we integrate multiple goals into one common solution? Using the power of “and” there’s always a way to make it happen.