Inhuman and unnatural

So much of our lives make little sense to our biological selves.

Commuting, sitting indoors, typing away on a computer screen for 40+ hours per week, resting two days per week and working the other five. It’s all strange for humans.

It makes sense because it’s all we know, but if we could start over, we wouldn’t design it like this. It seems to have happened to us slowly, but surely.

The same goes for something like education. It’s quite unnatural to learn by staying in the same building 180 days out of the year, working with the same people from the same place learning the same thing as they learned last year.

Again, if we could start over, we wouldn’t design the current system. We probably wouldn’t come up with anything even close to it.

On a meta level, the same is true for the system that perpetuates all other systems. If the general public can all identify broken components, why are they not being fixed? Why is there deadlock in government? If everyone elected has the best interests of the country, why is it impossible to do anything bold?

We’ve created and perpetuated an inhuman and unnatural world. The worst part is, there seems to be no way forward.