Human systems

We engineer physical systems to be flawless. No leaks. Six sigma perfect.

What about human systems though? Like education? Healthcare? Social services?

There are constantly people slipping through the cracks. Obviously it’s hard to design for a human being whose actions are not predictably defined by physical laws. But what would it look like to shoot for the ideal state?

It would be resource intensive to actually create, but as a thought experiment, what would need to be true in our world? Forget about the constraints of cost, and implementation. Once we know what needs to be true, then we can problem-solve from that ground and ask “How do we create optimal conditions for human thriving without using an unreasonable amount of resources?”

I posit there are ways to shift around surpluses and scarcities in the system. Opportunities to create habit, ritual and community for cheap, but in ways that will have rich impact on the world around us.

We can’t find those solutions and see those opportunities until we ask the question. Until we imagine the ideal state.

What is the perfect human system?