The heart of every story

Tension is at the heart of every captivating plot line. The forbidden love, the missing person, the unsolved mystery.

Something feels incomplete, so you keep watching or turning the pages. Tension can be a torturous tool because it’s so powerful. You REALLY want to know how a movie ends, or what the final chapter of a book will say.

As storytellers ourselves, tension can move a group, hold attention and keep big promises. I’m just starting to play around with tension in stories I tell and the copy I write. It’s a craft that will be valuable, but will take years to hone.

This is the start of a dive into storytelling. I have a lot to learn, but I’m reading a great book, Whiskey Foxtrot Tango, and I found a new podcast (thanks Rama). It’s called The Longform Podcast and it goes deep into talking with writers about their processes. More stories coming soon….