Generosity is the cure

I can’t drop this idea of generosity being an antidote to fear.

There’s no avoiding fear whenever making something new. In fact, if you’re not a little scared before you launch, you probably haven’t taken enough risk.

The problem isn’t the fear, it’s how we handle it. The best way I’ve found to handle the fear is to create on behalf of someone else. Create something generous that will help others.

For example, my ebook draft¬†about workshops is far from perfect, but it’s generous. It’s helped people learn about leading educational sessions. There are tons of typos and formatting errors right now, but people are willing to see through those imperfections because the underlying content is beneficial to them.

When you have a something that could empower and engage, it’d be foolish not to release it to the world.

I can’t wait to see what you make.