FAD framework

Any good experience, whether you know it or not, follows a similar format:

Frame – setting expectations for what’s about to happen

Activity – the thing

Debrief – reflecting on it

Your upcoming vacation has been framed as a relaxing, island getaway. It’s been framed by travel companies, friends, and now you, too, have kept that frame around it for a long time. You finally go there and it’s everything you expected. When you leave, you debrief with all of your friends, reflecting on all of the fun times.

While this is true naturally, you can also design it. You can frame activities to be profound, although they may initially seem simple. With the right frame and debrief, a walk in woods could lead to a huge creative breakthrough. Or a game of Pictionary could unlock your team’s communication potential.

Too often, we focus all our energy on the A, and not the F or D. To make any activity better, remember to frame it well, and reflect appropriately.