Drawing Your Line

Last week I played the best basketball game of my life. Everything was working. I was getting steals, making baskets and finding open teammates.

I ran myself silly and was ready to call it a day. Then, one of the best players in the gym asked me to join his team for the next game.

So here I was, exhausted and ready to leave, yet, I’d just been initiated into some quasi-important basketball sphere. I chose to stay and play.

I chose wrong.

The next game was an embarrassment. I was too tired and it showed. Nothing worked. I lost the ball, missed every shot and we lost.

I left the gym feeling like I just played some of my worst basketball in years.

I should have set my own boundary, but instead I let someone change my mind.

Know when to quit. Draw your line and don’t let someone convince¬†you otherwise.

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