Don’t wait for your calling

Go out there and track it down. It isn’t just going to come to you one day.

In order to find what you’re meant to do, you’re going to have to run experiments. Say you might want to be a marketer. DON’T go get 4 year degree, and then find a job in marketing. That’s a 5+ year long experiment that will cost you $100,000. That’s a bad experiment.

Instead, take a month out of your summer to shadow a marketer. See if you would want to be in their shoes. Watch other people at the firm. Take in all the information you can about their work.

Keep doing experiments like this and you’ll slowly start honing in on work that you love.

One reason I feel I’m in a role that I enjoy right now is because I did internships in roles that weren’t great fits for me first. I needed all those imperfect jobs in order to find this one.

Don’t wait for a calling. Go out there and find one.