You don’t need to learn to cook

“I need to learn to cook.”

How many times have you heard someone say that?

I think when people that think this are just letting themselves off the hook.

What is there to learn?

Apparently I know how to cook. I never learned how to cook, though. I learned how to cook pancakes. And then cookies. Then I made pasta. Then I fried an egg. Then I roasted some spinach. Now, I make ratatouille and chicken with a caprese side salad. I know how to cook, but there was no moment when I suddenly “learned to cook.”

Learning to cook is nothing more than a series of tiny steps. If you spend life saying “I need to learn to cook,” you’re hiding. It’s not a binary switch that a magical fairy can activate within you. You have to commit to making progress.

Learn to cook one thing. Look it up online. Watch a YouTube video, read the instructions on the package and don’t be disappointed if it isn’t great the first time.

Make something simple tonight. Just like everything in life, you’d be surprised where a tiny step might take you.