Design Your Design Work

Post eight in a series about visualizing design mindsets.

How you work is a challenge to be designed.

Jake Knapp and the Google Ventures team run one week sprints. They are constantly iterating on their process because they get to test something new 50 times every year.

Seth Godin doesn’t use social media. He blogs every day and that’s it.

Tim Ferriss automated his business so that he only needed to work four hours every week.

Work is not something that’s handed to us with a how-to manual. We can play an active role in how we accomplish tasks and tackle our work.

Take the time to understand your mental cycles. I find I do my best focused work in the morning. I love to write and develop programming between 9am and 12pm. In the afternoon, I have trouble focusing on something like writing, but I love to talk with people and brainstorm new ideas.

The first step towards designing your design work is understanding your personal habits and preferences. Next time you have a project, take a step back to self-analyze. You’re the user and the designer of your own life.