Derisking entrepreneurial commitment

One of the biggest entrepreneurial risks is that you won’t care enough to show up and do this for 3-5 years.

I think it’s a bigger risk than we give it credit for. If you’re serious about starting a company, you need to derisk this early.

You need to gather evidence that you will have the dedication to continuously pursue this mission for over 1000 days. The same way you gather evidence that you’re actually satisfying a need and customers want to buy your solution.

Startups are inherently full of risks. We learn how to address most of them, but the question of passion still stumps many people. It’s not easy to know what you’d be passionate enough about to stick with for a long time.

It takes a lot of action, exploration, and reflection to start uncovering the answers. But it’s down there. There’s passion inside you. It’s just a matter of taking the time to see the beauty that’s already present.