The cure for getting used to things

No matter how cool something is to start, the effect always wears off. Whether it’s the new piece of technology or the beautiful office in which you work, humans are adaptable creatures. We get used to things.

I’ve seen this happen countless times. It’s easy to notice with tour guides showing off something amazing, yet seeming unenthused. Why is that? Because they got used to it.

There is a cure, though. The cure is variety. New experiences to put yours in perspective. New people to challenge your perceptions. And new risks so you feel alive instead of feeling like a robot repeating the same pitch for the 80th time.

I notice this most phenomena most with the Venture Development Center where I work. It’s a beautiful, open and creative space. But when I go there every day of the week, the effect starts to dull. It’s not until a new guest is visiting and I see the amazed looks on their faces, that I remember just how remarkable the VDC is. Or it’s not until I visit another innovation space that I can walk back into the office and cherish the community that happens there.

Seek new perspectives, new people and new experiences. Those things will all make the boring feel fresh again.