Content hurts

An undying focus on content makes outcomes worse when you’re launching projects. If you’re teaching someone how to start their own business, it doesn’t make sense to do the marketing lesson until they have an idea.

But when the class is about content, you just have to keep moving. You have a curriculum to cover and people are going to get left behind. Don’t have an idea yet? Too bad, we have to move on.

It draws the focus away from the hard part. The hard part is taking action.

When it’s time for marketing, business model, cash flow and more, it’s SO easy to hide from the hard part. But focusing on all those things before proving you can deliver value is like watering soil with no seeds in it.

The “final presentation” shouldn’t be about the boxes you’ve checked but rather than the change you’ve made.

This work, of meaning, traction and impact, is mostly about stripping away layers rather than adding on layers.

Don’t hide from the hard part. Attack it first and the rest will follow.